Advanced Technologies

FMA has developed several proprietary strategies to increase recoveries for our clients, including:

  • Contact Identification. FMA collectors perform increased levels of manual skip tracing on accounts. Daily, systemic skip trace scrubs are also run, and collectors access various desktop skip-tracing databases to locate a borrower.
  • Advanced Scoring. FMA has developed a proprietary scoring matrix that combines several different factors, including multiple external scores, and identifies the accounts most likely to pay. This is unique and very different than just using a simple purchased score, and has enabled FMA to put extra emphasis on healthcare debt most likely to pay, while still adhering to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the remaining inventory. Our proprietary matrix allows us to clearly identify the ~30% of the inventory that pays ~80% of the money, giving FMA a distinct advantage over our competition.
  • Dynamic Dialing Technology. FMA’s Infinity system integrates core contact components using the Genesys PureConnect platform. This includes both automated and manual dialing solutions, call recording, speech recognition, customer surveys, plus, real-time and reporting/business analytics tools.
  • Convenient Communications. FMA understands that many borrowers are moving away from verbal communication with collectors. To that end, FMA developed a Payment Portal where borrowers can virtually pay or negotiate their repayment terms without speaking to a collector. This also allows FMA to reach the consumers who are otherwise unreachable via telephone. This website has generated more than $6.8 million in recovery dollars and has been recognized by both clients and regulators as a very efficient and extremely compliant means of collection. This tool has created a convenient way for borrowers to pay 24/7/365.
  • Intelligent Negotiator. Other companies may have a way for consumers to pay online. However, no other company can offer clients an intelligent, customizable, automated payment negotiator for its consumers. Our Intelligent Negotiation engine can handle multiple accounts per consumer (if applicable) at one time and in one transaction. We can custom design a payment system specific to your business needs that maximizes the propensity to pay - therefore maximizing return and value for our clients. This value-added service is provided free of cost to the consumer and the client.
  • Maximized dial-through rates
  • Client-specific collections model that is unique to its business
  • Accelerated recoveries and reduced collection time
  • More accurate collectability scores and greater call efficiencies
  • Advanced skip-tracing capabilities, automated and manual
  • Convenient Payment Portal for increased collections
  • Intelligent Negotiator maximizes payments and revenue stream

Superior Compliance

FMA is well known by its clients for its ability to collect money without generating complaints. FMA fosters a culture of compliance which prioritizes consumer protection, promoting internal policies and procedures strictly prohibit any misrepresentation or action that could adversely affect the consumer. FMA utilizes both preventative controls (i.e., training, counsel review of scripts) and corrective actions that include, but are not limited to compliance practices such as, complaint management, call analysis, recording and monitoring for a superior Compliance Management System (CMS).
Complaint Handling – FMA’s comprehensive oversight, escalation and evaluation system for complaint handling is key in our maintaining a customer satisfaction rate of 99.99% based on our extremely low complaint-to-call ratio.
Call Monitoring and Recording – With the integration of a call analytics system, we record 100% of our calls and the call analytics system gives us the ability to essentially monitor 100% of our recorded calls, while most agencies have the capacity to monitor less than five percent (5%) of its total calls.
Quality Assurance Team (QA) – Implementation and oversight of our CMS program by our QA Team, led by our Corporate Counsel, reviews and maintains all aspects of our complaint handling process, compliance audits, training, call analysis, monitoring and recording.
Monthly Audit Program (MAP) – FMA has implemented a Monthly Audit Program created for internal use for the purpose of confirming conformity to FMA’s established policies and procedures and compliance with state, federal, and municipal regulations.
Training – FMA’s intensive collector training program includes testing on a wide variety of federal and state regulations upon hire, as well as recurring training and annual recertification.

Exceptional Data Security

FMA places the foremost importance on stringent information-security policies to protect our clients’ data. Our security program is compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act (“FISMA”), National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”), and other relevant security standards. FMA has made substantial investments in ensuring data security through several industry-leading certifications, including:

Our Values

FMA strives to ensure that the work experience will be rewarding while fulfilling the needs of its clients. FMA’s core values represent its commitment towards fulfilling the goals of:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Respect for Others
  • Open Communication
  • Enhanced Profitability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Positive Environment
PCI DSS compliant – this critical compliance standard optimizes the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions and protects cardholders against misuse of their personal information.
Cyber-security management system – ISO 27001 best practices provides exceptional data management and protection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information).
SSAE 18 audited and SOC 2 Type II certified – demonstrates the establishment of effectively designed business process and information technology controls.

FMA has also instituted a comprehensive suite of policies to ensure the confidentiality of client data. These policies outline all physical and data security programs, as well as encryption standards.


Convenient Payment Portal

FMA’s innovative payment portal has been integral in driving more than $7.4 million in payments since its inception. The FMA Pay portal allows the consumer to negotiate and pay their account(s) online without having to speak to a representative. Some of the key features of the FMA Pay portal include:

  • Multiple (6) payment options
  • Free of charge for the consumer and our clients
  • Integrated, intelligent payment negotiator
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to navigate
No other company offers its clients an intelligent, customizable, automated payment negotiator within its online portal free of charge! Visit FMA’s Pay portal. Click here to go to portal

Our clients recognize the value our company brings to their businesses.
Here is what they are saying about us:

Executive at an international financial services company

“ Results like this do not happen by chance and is a direct result of the culture of compliance that exist at FMA. Thank You for these great results and Thank You to the team for making this happen on the front line. Keep up the great work! ”

Executive at a top tier hospital

“ FMA has been providing excellent service to [our top tier hospital] as a Primary Bad Debt vendor for 12 years. FMA consistently stays in the top tier when it comes to performance and customer service. ”

Director of Patient Financial Services at one of the nation's most respected health care systems

“ We were impressed with their collection tactics, reports, and the fact they were willing to customize areas to fit our particular patient population. During the two years we've worked with FMA Alliance, they have proved to have excellent customer service. ”

Director of Patient Financial Services at one of the nation's most respected health care systems

“ ... highest recommendation of the collection services agency, FMA Alliance. FMA Alliance has demonstrated a professional and ethical caliber and met all performance expectations. ”

Senior Vice President at one of the world's largest banks

“ Thank you for your continued commitment to ensuring we are at the top of the list when it comes to control, compliance, and call quality. ”

Patient Financial Services Manager at a national hospital system

“ Since 2007, FMA Alliance has been a valuable partner to [our national hospital system]. FMA provides an exemplary recovery program that has consistently assisted us in meeting our annual goals. FMA's dedicated staff... patient oriented agents and their customer service department ... has developed a seamless process that has worked well over the years. FMA's ability to monitor and record 100% of the calls [and] their zero tolerance complaint policy aligns well with our culture and philosophy. ”