Our history

FMA Alliance, Ltd. (FMA), then Financial Management Associates, began as an idea between two guys having coffee, while scribbling a business idea on a napkin. They had no clients and no investors, just a barrel of grit, belief in their drive, and a desire to help people.

The best leaders lead by example. Jeff Spiegelhauer and Doyle Burkett started FMA in 1983, handling accounts for small, local doctors' offices. Jeff and Doyle created a call center environment, talking to patients who were experiencing difficulties with their medical bills, developing a true understanding of their needs. They rapidly brought on more small clients and handled their own accounting, holding every position in the company, as they built FMA from its foundation. From the beginning, it was their primary goal to help the consumer.

Within a year, they signed on a major hospital for secondary bad debt collections, just to get their foot in the door. Next, they signed a Financial Services client and started helping bankcard holders with their credit-card debt. This started a ripple effect and other large banks, catalog order firms, and retail businesses soon came on board with FMA.

Today, FMA is a well-respected company with hundreds of clients across the United States. Though FMA has grown exponentially over the years, we have never lost our small company culture. From the call center floor to the board room table, FMA respects and cares for all its employees. Most of all, FMA cares about its clients, their customers, and the communities they serve. Since the beginning, FMA has focused on helping people, clients and consumers alike. And we continue to do that every day. Helping people is what we do. It is who we are. It is what makes FMA the company that cares.


Our vision

FMA’s shared vision is to ensure an organizational culture that focuses on communication and empowerment in an effort to create a dynamic and challenging environment that is agile and effective, thus enabling the company to enhance its rate of growth while remaining profitable.

Our Values

FMA strives to ensure that the work experience will be rewarding while fulfilling the needs of its clients. FMA’s core values represent its commitment towards fulfilling the goals of:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Respect for Others
  • Open Communication
  • Enhanced Profitability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Positive Environment

Our Mission

FMA’s mission is to empower employees to promote sound business practices by harnessing technology. We strive to deliver the highest level of satisfaction, through our wide array of call center services, to achieve mutually profitable, long-term relationships with our clients.


Because we take what we say to heart. We live it every day. We trust our people, we communicate, and each and every one of us here at FMA are committed to integrity, compliance and results. Allow more than our words to convince you, let us show you.

Our Leaders

It's no mistake that we have a world-class management team here at FMA. We hand selected the best from the industry, not just because of their achievements, but because of their record of excellence.


Doyle Burkett


Our management team is committed to developing the world's best professional debt collectors. Our highly trained and experienced personnel are focused on enhancing the customer experience, protecting our clients’ brands, and reducing risk through our industry-leading compliance and technology. The team is a superior combination of home-grown talent and seasoned professionals recruited from across the industry.


Michael Janakes



Karen Hollingsworth

Vice President - Accounting & HR Officer


Alan Spiegelhauer

Vice President - Sales & Marketing


Timothy Young

Vice President - Client Services and Audit


Scott Glanville

Vice President – Operations


Chinasa O. Udegbe

General Counsel, Vice President of Compliance


Mark McFarlane

Vice President - Chief Information Officer


Maurice Chambers

Director of Operations – Financial Services


Jere' Rhine

Director of Financial Services


Dianna Sierra

Director of Operations EO/FPO


Tim Patton

Director of First Party


Michael So

Director of Client Services


Sonya Caceres

Director of First Party